• Enspired Muse is a full-service coaching and management practice supporting individuals, organizations and communities in aligning vision with strategy to inspire insight and drive innovation as our core tools for creating products, services, campaigns and organizations that yield equitable wins. 


    Enspired Muse Founder, Jeffrey Richardson breaks through textbook talk and boilerplate templates to inspire and support leaders and organizations who are equipped to effectively solve real life problems that are blockades to progress, growth and scale.


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    Fostering Clarity and Amplifying Voices

    We support our clients to gain greater awareness of their collective assets (experience, knowledge, and abilities) to reposition, reorder and realign with their life vision and authentic self.

    Trained as a social worker and macro practice organizational leadership professional, Jeffrey Richardson brings a unique understanding of how we interact with organizations and systems and the impact on our personal lives and professional development.

    Enspired Muse Management Services

    Developing Behaviors and Growing Capacity

    We support our clients to develop behaviors and practices that cultivate leadership, strengthens problem solving and embraces diversity as innovation.

    Human beings are fueled by inspiration. We collaborate with our clients to get clear on the inspiration driving their life and/or work choices to support them in identifying the tools that will help cultivate the behaviors needed to grow and expand their capacity to acheive success. 

    Enspired Muse Management Services

    Recruiting and Cultivating Talent

    We support our clients to develop policies, programs and practices that foster a culture of inspired leadership, teamwork and problem solving as diversity, equity and inclusion cultivation strategies.

    Based on the core principal that "our people are both are why and how", we teach, train and advise clients and partners on developing and implement internal coaching programs, professional development opportunities and employee wellness initiatives that cultivate behaviors and practices to support your long-term goals beyond our engagement.

  • "We are building a community of like-minded individuals committed to co-creating a world in which

    all things are possible and nothing is out of reach."

    - Jeffrey DeShawn Richardson, Founder & Principal

  • Jeffrey DeShawn Richardson

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    Founder & Principal

    Jeffrey DeShawn has spent the last 20 years advising senior executives in state and local government, non-profits, higher education, politics and corporate philanthropy. His experiences and relationships have given him a unique insight into the intersection between organizational transformation and personal and professional growth.


    Jeffrey has a specialization in leadership practice and personal change management. He works with clients to move beyond barriers that are limiting their personal and organizational success. Read Full Bio