• Supporting Organizations

    Specializing in

    Diversity & Inclusion, Government Relations, National Service & Volunteerism,

    Employee Engagement, Workforce Development,

    Youth Development and Civic Engagement

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    Internal Coaching Programs

    Helping you to better leverage your existing human capital and team talent.

    We support your organization in designing and managing internal coaching programs that strengthen collaborations, boost morale and increase overall employee engagement.

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    Meeting and Event Facilitation

    Supporting you to convene with confidence.

    With our network of experienced and diverse facilitators and trainers, we are equipped and ready to support your organization or group by hosting team empowerment sessions, facilitating conflict mediation, leading strategic planning processes, providing conference management services and internal staff development programs.

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    Volunteerism and National Service

    Getting to your win through service and volunteerism.

    Building off, Enspired Muse Founder & Principal, Jeffrey DeShawn's 20 years of national service and volunteer management experience; we support partners through program design, process improvement, volunteer management trainings as well as planning and evaluating volunteer programs.

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    Policy into Practice

    Your guide in moving from decision making into action.

    Through our network's extensive experience in developing policy to be translated into community action, we support organizations, communities, policy makers, subject matter experts and others to develop effective and inclusive programs and community practice solutions.